CAL: week 7

How did ya’ll like doing stitches that you’ve already done before last week?  Hopefully it was easier but not boring.  We’ve done all the stitches we’re going to do so it should be smooth sailing from now on!  Let’s get started, and don’t forget we’re using US terms!

Last week we left off with for 46:


row 47

With new color, hdc across.  Remember to crochet between the stitches below like we did above the star stitch last time.  Count your stitches at the end, just to be safe.

row 48

With new color, dc across.

rows 49 – 52

With 2 colors, do the Catharine wheel stitch pattern.  Feel free to refer back to the post in which we first did this if you need a reminder.  And don’t forget to keep your stitches very loose!  Someone suggested going up a hook size or two for these rows, so you could try that if it’d make you more comfortable.

row 53

With new color, dc across the same way we did after the last Catharine wheels.  Count your stitches when you’re done.

row 54

With new color, dc across:


That’s all for this week!  Don’t know why that picture turned out so extra red… my floor is brown…  Anyway, here’s the whole thing:


When you finish, I’d love to see a picture of yours on facebook or Ravelry, or on Instagram with the hashtag #nyaccal also.  Everyone’s blankets are looking great!  I’m really astonished and pleased at the number of participants — it’s all way bigger than I thought it would be, and even now people are jumping on board (welcome so very much!).  Hopefully you’re all enjoying this CAL as much as I am.

Well, that’s all for today.  Thanks so much for stopping by!  And don’t forget to weave in your ends!  🙂


  1. Yay! Am starting right this minute 😀


  2. Always lovely to see this post first thing on a Saturday morning!


  3. I love this afghan. I signed up at week 6….how can I find weeks 1-5?


  4. Petro Nel says:

    Thanks I only saw you blog recently And I want to start soon – just completing some other projects Cannot wait

    Is it maybe possible to email me the instructions from week 1 to 6??? Thanks Petro South Africa!

    Sent from my iPad


  5. Looking fabulous!


  6. I’m about to start from week 1! I’m making it for my daughter’s bed, hopefully it will be a blanket that she will keep for a long time to come! Have thoroughly enjoyed your directions & patterns and have learnt 2 new sts in the process (Catherine Wheel & Star St)
    Thank you!



  1. […] having so much fun with this CAL. We’re now up to Week 7. Hannah posts the update at about 1 minute past midnight on Saturday mornings, which is just after […]


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