my CAL yarn

My CAL yarn came in the other day!

my yarn


There are more skeins than this but this represents every color I purchased.  The colors are a little off in the picture as well — the hot pink at the top is actually not that “hot,” and the red doesn’t glow like that, haha.  Anyway, here’s the way I keep track of colors:

my palette


You can see that I marked the Pale Rose shade as the border shade, just so I don’t forget and accidentally use it for a stripe or something (I only got 1 skein of it, and 2 of all the others).  In this photo, the apricot and candyfloss colors are a little duller than they actually are in real life.  With these little tags it’s easy to keep track of how many times I’ve used each color (I put the tag to the side when I’ve used the color in the blanket so that I use every color once before using any color again).

So, participants, have you been practicing any difficult stitches?  Have you received your yarn?  I can’t wait to get started!


  1. Same here. Now, that the lace is finished I really want to start something new.


  2. I’m really looking forward to this! I’ve decided I’m just going to a do a baby/lap blanket though, so I’m only get one skein of any more colours I get.. I’ve currently got five colours (I think) and two of those I have two of each. Think I will be using those for the border 🙂


  3. I have got most of my yarn now as I have been buying it from my local craft shop but I am just waiting for them to restock to pick up my last few colours…I’m so excited!


  4. I have the yarn but please will you remind me what I need to do to join the CAL? 😊


  5. Ps I love the colours you’ve chosen!


  6. Colleen says:

    I have my yarns and am ready to start!


  7. I have some of my yarn, but am still waiting for the last of it to come into my LYS…. doing blues/turquoise/lavender and gray – it sounds weird, but I think it will look OK. 🙂 My plan is to do a throw size with Lamb’s Pride bulky yarn – we will see how it turns out. I chose the weight and colors because I had 9 skeins of one color in my stash – then just had fun grabbing a few skeins of various other colors to go with. No telling how much it will really use, and maybe I will wind up making a couple of them to use up all the yarn!


  8. Yvette Morelli Giesemann says:

    I have my yarn and am excited to get started. I decided to make 3 baby blankets one for each of my 3 kids to put away for the future.


  9. Since I am just now coming into this, can you tell me the name/type/yarn, and where to purchase it?



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