charts vs. written out

Hello everyone!  Sorry it’s been so long — 10 days is a long time not to post (for me, at least).  I’ve been very busy with end-of-school assignments and preparing for the National Counselor Examination for Licensure and Certification, which I take early tomorrow morning.  Job searching has also kept me busy for hours and hours on end, and I haven’t found anything yet, despite sending out over 70 copies of my resume.  Everyone loves my resume but nobody’s hiring, although I am doing a phone interview this Sunday with a private practitioner in the state.  I’d have to move if I got that job, but I don’t care — I just want something counseling related!

Despite all that, I really wanted to make this post, which I’ve been wanting to do for a while.  It’s about reading crochet charts vs. reading a standard written pattern.


I really like charts!  Aside from looking cool, I think they’re easier to read (at least once you get the symbols down, but they’re pretty easy).  I can follow along easily and can see what my work is supposed to look like, ensuring that I do it correctly.


Regular written instructions are fine, too.  I’ve been used to all the abbreviations and repetitions for a long time now, so that’s not a problem.  Without a visual representation, however, often times I find myself in the middle of a round looking at the instructions and trying to figure out where I am.  It’s easier for me to get lost.

Those pictures are for the same motif and can be found in the book 201 Crochet Motifs, Blocks, Projects, and Ideas.  I like that the book most of the time provides both chart and written instructions — it’s very handy!

So which do you prefer, and why?  I’m curious to see how many people prefer each one.

I might not post again for a bit — I’ve got LOTS to do between now and Thursday and maybe by then I’ll know if I have a job and need to move.  The possibility of having to move is one reason I was happy to schedule the CAL for June — hopefully I’ll be settled in by that time.

Anyway, wish me luck for my exam tomorrow, and as always, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Haven’t got the hang of charts yet but they do appeal. It must be easier to follow a visual representation rather than reading text. Good luck!


  2. Kathryn Rubidoux says:

    Good luck!
    I like both written and chart for the reasons you mentioned.


  3. creative pixie says:

    Hope your exam goes well.


  4. Wishing you get the job you want and I prefer photographs over charts no written instructions for me, 🙂


  5. Good luck for the exam! I prefer written instructions – I haven’t yet sat down with a chart to work through it but I haven’t got a problem with written patterns so I perhaps haven’t had the incentive! I think I might get a bit lost with a chart though.


  6. I found that when I was learning to crochet it helped to see both a chart and the written instructions side by side as I could read what I had to do but it was helpful to visually be able to see it. Now I think I have a preference for written instructions as they seem to make more sense to me but I am happy to work from either.


  7. I


  8. Good luck for your exam! I’ve never tried using charts but it would be useful if I learnt what all the symbols mean. Especially as some European and Asian patterns come with charts but I don’t understand their languages to read a written pattern


  9. wishing you all the best with that job hunt dear (as I still hunting myself). And for that chart v.s. written out, actually I don’t mind either one of themiot but surely grateful if I could have them both in a pattern 😀


  10. I actually like both … just as long as they are well-written.

    Best to you with the test, the potential job and move! I know you’ll do fine on that test.


  11. I’ve never done a pattern from a picture. Only have seen it a couple of times. Don’t think I would like stitching a pattern from it. I would rather have it written out.


  12. best of luck this week with all your important events, I am sure that you will do perfectly at all of it.

    I am comfortbale knitting from either written or charted instructions, btu have never crocheted from a chart, so not sure. I know no matter which method used, I like a good clear photo ofhte fnished item, so I can see if I am headed in teh right direction.


  13. Good luck, fingers crossed (although I don’t think you need it) 🙂


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