crocheting from leftovers

I love using leftovers because it makes me feel like I’m being economical.  The past 3 days I’ve been making this baby blanket out of leftover Stylecraft DK:

babygrannyI used the join-as-you-go method for the squares, since I hate sewing/crocheting them together at the end (although it does look neater).

babygrannycloseHere’s pictures of the border and corner:


babygrannycornerAnd no, these were not taken at my house.  My internship has better light and I only saw 1 person today so I had plenty of time.

And guess what?  The cluster stitch, which I recently made a tutorial on, made an appearance (although I clustered 2 instead of 3 stitches together):

babygrannyjoinMuch the best way of joining granny squares at their corners — keeps the border from becoming ruffle-y.

It felt good to be crocheting something again afters such a long break.  I am sorry it’s been so long since I’ve shown you a crocheted item.  Very shameful for a blog called “not your average crochet.”

The baby blanket is kind of small, though… It’ll have to be for a newborn or something.  I just ran out of yarn for some of my colors and I couldn’t put the blanket’s colors into imbalance by continuing further.  I dunno.  Maybe I could use it for something else?  I mean it’s not like I know any babies, or any friends who are about to have babies.  I don’t know what else I’d use it for, though.  My dog does not get such nice things because she unwittingly tears up yarny things with her claws.  *sigh*  The blanket might just stay stowed away until someone I know has a baby.  I could donate it, I suppose.  We’ll have to see.

Well, that’s all for now, thanks for stopping by!

[Edit]:  Btw, did you know that Deramores isn’t stocking the Lucy Pack?  I looked to get another one and it’s gone.  I’ve emailed them to see if they might be getting it back.  I don’t know where else to get one. 😦


  1. Try Masons – online – they also sell it. Or branch out and choose the colours you personally like, rather than L’s choice, or maybe you can still order many of them through Deramores as a batch order?


    • Thanks! I really should pick my own, it’s true, but I’m hesitant that, not being able to see them all side by side at once, my color choices might not go together well. Eh, I might do it anyway. 🙂


  2. Ha ha! No email address for you, what a wally ;-p


  3. Your Leftover blanket is beautiful, don’t be in too much of a hurry to give it away! I have a chair in my bedroom with a shawl draped over the back (front?) so I can see it often 🙂


  4. It looks good! I’d keep it around for a while, or like you say you could donate it to a local maternity unit. With the yarn, you could try Masons who also do that pack, or just strike out on your own! (Masons are cheaper I think but the colours don’t show up as well so unless you know the shade already check it against another site too!)


  5. girlinknits says:

    I love your blanket.. its beautiful. I also like to crochet with Stylecraft. Its a great acrylic with beautiful colours. have the pack too.


  6. That is lovely Hannah, and it is nice to see your crochet work again 🙂


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