cowl progress

I realized too late that I didn’t cast on enough stitches for the length that I wanted, but I’m going to keep going anyway.  I’m NOT wasting those hours I spent on this already.



You can at least see the yarn I’m using, even though I can’t get a good picture of the stitch pattern.  Hopefully when I’m done I can block it and you can see the lacy holes and stuff.  Maybe if I block it it will stretch out some… If not, I’ll just give it away to somebody who can wear it.

School has started, and I have MAJOR senioritis.  I don’t want to do anything at all, and I found myself in my first classes wondering which assignments I could just completely skip and still make a passing grade in the class.  I won’t actually do that, but I sure feel like it.  I have a feeling that I will end up pretty busy pretty soon.

That’s all for now, thanks for visiting!


  1. Kathryn Rubidoux says:

    pretty yarn, what is it?


  2. Keep going and DEFINITELY block it. Doris Chan says to block everything, even if you don’t think it needs it. The wool is gorgeous.


  3. Beautiful yarn. I am feeling the same way even though I am not at college. I think it’s post-Christmas-itis!


  4. Pretty pretty yarn 🙂


  5. That yarn is beautiful! Love all the luscious colors in it. Good luck with your studies..


  6. I’m so not good in knitting 😦


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