ripple #2 ta-dah!


I’ve finished my second ripple blanket!  Using the ripple pattern from Attic24 and Stylecraft Special DK yarn, I completed this in just under two weeks, with plenty of yarn to spare (perhaps enough for a baby blanket).

Here you can see how wide it is:


And how long:


So it would certainly cover a twin bed.  And here’s the the skinny purple border up close:

Two single crochets along each row of the ripples made a nice even border.  I followed it with another row of sc, then a row of dc, then a row of ss.  Here’s the back of the border, which I also think is neat:


And to make the border flat, on the wavy ends instead of that first row of sc I just made a sort of inverse ripple with sc, hdc, dc, and tr stitches:


So that’s it!  I’m really proud of this blanket and I hope to get lots of good use out of it.  Hopefully it can withstand me, my boyfriend, and my dog…  I’m just glad the yarn was cheap and the pattern easy!

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Kathryn Rubidoux says:

    Love it!


  2. I love the mass colors! It looks so cozy and inviting 🙂


  3. Beautiful!! I love the colour and the size. I have to remember your tip for a straight border when I make mine! :0)


  4. Love it!!!!! Very nice!!! I love this pattern… did post the pattern before right??? 😀 Great way to use up left over yarns!


  5. Gorgeous! I’ve added the yarn set to my Christmas wishlist but if I don’t get it I might have to buy it anyway!


  6. It is mag-ni-fi-cent!!! I can’t believe you did it in two weeks – when do you sleep? 🙂


  7. Beautiful! Well done Hannah!


  8. it’s beauuutiful!


  9. I love your ripple blanket. It’s gorgeous. X



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