my special day

Today is my birthday!  I’m turning 24.  The coolest thing ever is that J.K.Rowling’s new book came out today, and I am going to get it.  I preordered it so it’s waiting at the Barnes & Noble for me to come by.  What an awesome birthday present!

My parents are going to come visit on Saturday to celebrate, so I’m really excited to see them, too.  Mom’s bringing my favorite dessert: made from scratch Boston cream pie.  We’re gonna go out to dinner, too, and just have a good time!  Can’t wait!

I got to sleep in, so I just woke up.  I’ve gotta run and shower and get ready so I can go get that book!  Thanks for stopping by!  I’ll be back with a yarny post next time!


  1. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day(:
    x – Nicole


  2. Kathryn Rubidoux says:

    Happy Birthday!


  3. Happy birthday!!


  4. Happy Birthday! Thank you for finding time to pop over to see my shawl, and leave a comment on my blog. Have an awesome weekend and P A R T Y, PARTY, Party, Party ……. you get the idea!


  5. Happy Birthday! Give us the verdict on the book when you have read it, I’m intrigued.


  6. daniellajoe says:

    Happy Birthday !!! Enjoy your day!!!


  7. Happy Birthday Hannah!!! Hope your day is wonderful!!! 🙂


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