unspeakably horrible

I’m out of yarn.  There is nothing usable left in my stash of leftovers anymore.  It’s very upsetting.  Look at this:

I have those, but not enough of any of them to make anything.  OK, I could probably make a simple hat out of that bright blue one, but that’s no fun — I have tons of hats and I’m not making any for Christmas presents this year.  I don’t think the other ones could even make a hat.  I’d make a scrap something, but they’re all different brands and weights and fibers, so that’s no good.  Here’s my second drawer:

Again here, I could make a couple of hats with those two fun textured ones, but that’s no fun.  The sock yarn in the corner is unappealing to me — I don’t know why I bought it in the first place.  The gray stuff is usable, but I don’t know what to make with just two skeins.  I’m considering unraveling this:

That thing is older than this blog.  I meant it to be a wrap, but I couldn’t afford the yarn to finish it up.  I hesitate a bit to unravel that one because the yarn got kinda moldy once, being stored in a damp place.  I washed it, of course, but I wonder if washing will make it hard to unravel.  This next thing is the same (although without the mold and wash):

I think that one was going to be a blanket, but it’s so old I don’t even remember.  Both of those projects are made with soft worsted cotton.

So should I unravel those last 2 projects?  Do you think either of them would make something like this shawl?  I think it would make this.  Maybe I could combine them and make another Christmas-y dog sweater for my sweet puppy (my first attempt got immediately mangled in play due to the loose stitching).

OK so maybe I do have some yarn… that gray stuff and those two projects.  *sigh*  I just don’t know what to make with any of it.  I guess I can go ahead and unravel those things and assess my yarn quantities then.  I think I need a ball winder…


  1. I say unwind and assess. You might have more yarn than you think. I’m sorry your stash is making you crazy. I’m sure you’ll be able to get some goodies soon.


  2. Karen Berthine says:

    I once made a very whimsical lap blanket out of a bunch of mismatched ends. I knit an array of odd patterned squares and then fit them together with a lot of crochet work. I always thought it very odd looking. We kept it in the car and my daugher as a child liked to snuggle it. 🙂


  3. Mmmm your stash looks perfect for some freeform something or other??


  4. Nope. But I haven’t got the stash for it yet. I’m still new to all this. But I would quite like to give it a go sometime. And I might use this


  5. If you are not partial to the pieces, I say rip them out and start something new. Here is another thought to do with your left-overs; Have you ever made a crayon box sweater? I started one many years ago. It’s only 1/2 finished but I will get back to it one day. You use all kinds of different fibers. Here is one link of many:http://www.anniescatalog.com/detail.html?code=83596&source=froogle&gclid=COPg-aa_ybICFYVFMgod-EcACw
    If the link doesn’t work, just google crayon box sweater pattern.


  6. creative pixie says:

    I say unwind!


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