last days of summer

I go back to school today, after a holiday of about 2.5 weeks (I have to do summer school in order to graduate quickly).  It feels like school should not be for a long while yet, and I am feeling quite rebellious about my forced return, as are many of my classmates.

I was lucky, however, that I got to have a little weekend away in Charleston with my mom.  Here are some photos from the trip, all taken on my iPhone 4S.

Old buildings on Kings Street in downtown Charleston really add interest and history to the experience.

Many buildings are well kept and used as apartments/lofts above the shopfronts.

On Kings Street we stopped at Jim N’ Nick’s Bar-B-Q for some delicious beef brisket sandwiches.

On our first morning, we went to the beach on Sullivan’s Island. It was very hot, but the water felt nice.

Some intense looking rainclouds came in, though, and drove us away in the early afternoon.

We went back to the market area downtown, where we visited Kaminsky’s Cafe and had some incredibly delicious multi-berry cobbler.

On the way back home the next day, we stopped at Middleton Place, an old plantation home, and took the garden tour.

There were many ponds, this one full of lilies, and all around on the live oaks and bald cypresses hung multitudes of Spanish moss.

Here’s another example of the Spanish moss. Very eerie looking, don’t you think?

We had a great time on our trip, even though there was some rain, and I feel much more relaxed now and maybe a tiny bit more willing to go back to school.  Maybe.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any yarny things to share with you today!  No new Ravelry faves, no progress on my current projects, no nuthin’.  I just wanted to share my Charleston experience because it is a very unique and special place, and so different from many other vacations.

Thanks for stopping by!  I’ll have something yarny next time, I promise!


  1. We went to an old plantation out of the New Orleans area a while back, and I do love seeing that Spanish Moss on your pic, it reminds me of our great trip. x


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