new things

I tried tea dying today, after much admiring of lace and pretty dresses and linens and things that have been dyed this way on Pinterest.  I tried it with my shawl from my last post.  Here’s what happened:

I honestly don’t see a difference.  Maybe I didn’t use enough tea bags?  I used 2 bags of Irish breakfast tea, thinking that would be dark enough.  I might have to try again.  Oh well, even if the tea dyeing failed the first time, now I know how to do it better, and my wrap thing is at least stretched/blocked out a bit more the way I want it.  It’s nearly as long as the coffee table now…

Oh and the giveaway is going well!  Tons of entrants.  I’m super excited.

See you soon!  Goodnight!


  1. Well, at least you tried something new. Good for you! And you can see the positives in the experience. It still looks wonderful.


  2. I had to make a mummy costume for Big J’s Egyptian Day at school and I used tea to age the “bandages”. It worked quite well. I did make the tea quite strong though and normally with dying, it works best on natural fibres. So if your shawl is cotton or wool it will work better than acrylic yarn. Have another go and make it extra strong, it will still give a fairly subtle colour.


  3. You might want to try adding a bit of coffee to the mix as well. Coffee gives a similar color and tends to be more potent.


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