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It’s been a while!  A few days, anyway.  I’ve been hoping that my final giveaway items would come in the mail, but they haven’t.  I talked to someone at the company they were shipping from and got it all straightened out, so it shouldn’t be too much longer before the giveaway starts!  I’m sorry for the delay.  It’s annoying to me, too.  In the meantime:

I started another Juliana Wrap, but this one’s not for me.  It’s for my mom!  She wanted cream colors, so I got some from Knitpicks and have gotten this far (which is not very).

I ordered some yarn on tophatter.com, which is my new favorite website for spending money needlessly, and it came in the other day.  I’m excited.  It’s a total of 500 yards of recycled worsted weight yarn (50% wool, 20% viscose, 15% nylon, 10% angora, 5% cashmere).  I don’t know what to make with it yet, I just bought it on a whim.  It’s good that I have it now though because I spent way too much money on that website, and now I must scrounge to get through the next couple of months.  I probably won’t be buying more yarn anytime soon.  That’s OK though, because I have quite the stash!

Well, hopefully my next post will be announcing the beginning of my giveaway.  I hope the items come in tomorrow!  Should be any time now.  See you soon!

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