Sharon Needles doll

I have a guilty pleasure — it’s the TV show “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”  If you’re not familiar with it, it’s like “America’s Next Top Model” only with drag queens.  It’s so flamboyant and crazy and sometimes ridiculous, but I can’t help loving it.  My favorite of the final three contestants is Sharon Needles because she’s so outrageously sweet and nice, but she has this goth/satanic look going for her when she dresses in drag (I can’t help but love the spooky look)!  In tribute to Sharon, I made an amigurumi type doll of her:

Here is the picture I based the doll off of, so you can compare the two.

I also like her so much that a couple of weeks ago I purchased a limited-time-only autographed poster of her, and I framed it the other day:

And yes it says “Hail Satan,”  that’s her funny slogan she uses.  Don’t worry, I’m not Satanic.  I just love my pretty goth drag queen!

I know this post was different than usual — I’ll get back to normal next time!  I just had to share, even though I get excited about weird things sometimes.  See you later!


  1. Go ahead with the weird and wonderful- I think it’s a better blog if we get to see the real you and your likes and dislikes!


  2. We don’t have that show but I would really love to see it. She sounds like my kind of girl!!!


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