spring break is already productive

I’m off to a good start as far as being super-crafty over spring break!  This weekend I’ve already made a hat!  Now before you get too excited, I must say it’s a knitted hat, not a crocheted one.  It’s my second knitted hat ever, and I modeled it after something I found on Ravelry the other day.  I think it turned out well.  It was made with the remaining yarn from the two cushions I recently made, and I feel a couple more knitted hats coming on from those same leftovers.  Anyway, here’s the hat on top of my stuffed new craft bag:

You know, I think I like knitting partially because it takes more time and less yarn than crocheting does, both of which save me money on yarn (and for a struggling grad student, that’s awesome).  I do apologize, though, for not having any cool new crochet things to share with you today.  Hopefully there will be something in the works soon!

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