slowly but surely

My flower sunburst granny square afghan is coming along very slowly, less because of my lack of time to crochet and more because of my lack of yarn funds.  I swear I will never use Berroco Vintage Chunky for a blanket again!  It’s my favorite chunky yarn, and I love everything about it except the price!  It’s $8.50 a hank at the local yarn store, hence the need to pause before restocking.  My previous wavy afghan was made with the it but used a lot less (due both to the pattern and size).  My current afghan should amply cover a double bed, but even so, I feel the desperate need for a cheaper yet similarly soft and washable yarn!  Dear reader, please suggest brands to me!

Here are some [slightly blurry] pics of my progress (thanks, point-and-click camera).  This first pic is of one of my yarn storage bins containing 60 squares and the favored Brittany J hook.  So far I’ve finished 76 out of 120 squares; 120 squares will make a 10 square by 12 square afghan and I plan to add some edging rounds as well.

So that is my progress, what do you think?  Hopefully I will be finishing the squares soon and can lay them all out to piece them together.  I plan on just slip stitching them all together — it seems easier, faster, and almost neater than sewing them.  I will share my progress with you again as soon as it has reached this desired point.  Hopefully you won’t be sick of reading about this afghan by then!


  1. Michelle P. says:

    Very lovely squares. I am with you on soft yarn. I don’t like scratchy stuff. There is one worsted weight called Love This Yarn or something like that. Sorry I am not of much help.


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