first FO of 2015: Desert Rose, ta-da!

I’d have posted earlier because it only took a day to make, but I had to block it first!

Desert Rose - crocheted by Hannah from Not Your Average Crochet

The pattern is by Ana Clerc and is actually called Desert Marigold — I just called it Desert Rose because I used a yarn colorway called Rose City. The pattern is available for $5.50 on Ravelry (click here).

The pattern is very simple — I’m a little mad at myself for paying for it when I could probably have gotten close by looking at the pictures, but I went ahead and paid because I didn’t want to sit around experimenting and guessing (is that paying to be lazy?).  In any case, it turned out beautiful and I’m very happy with it!

Desert Rose - lacy crochet cowl in a fingering weight yarn

The yarn is KnitPicks Hawthorne in Rose City, and I still have a good bit left.  Maybe I could make a baby hat?

It was good to get back to crochet after such a lot of knitting.  It went by so fast but I enjoyed every minute!

Desert Rose - crochet cowl in a lacy patternI’m stuck on fingring/sock weight yarns right now, because they make wearables drape so nicely!  I’ve already started another project that’s also in fingering weight yarn and it’s coming along — I’ll share soon!  So far 2015 has been very productive (I hope it lasts)!  Have you started on anything new yet this year?

Well, that’s all for now, thanks for stopping by!




2014 in review!

It’s been a heck of a year, huh?  Definitely not as productive as last year as far as how many items I’ve knitted and crocheted, but very productive considering I was in “Inside Crochet” magazine for my crochet-a-long and also in “Simply Crochet” for my floral hat pincushion.  It was also productive in terms of life in general — I made it through a year of my first “big girl” job, I got engaged, my family reconnected, I made some friends, and more!

There are multiple WIPs that were not included above, but hopefully I’ll finish them and many more projects in 2015!  Maybe I can set some crafty goals for the year… we’ll see.

Hopefully ya’ll have had a great year.  Here’s to another one!

“As You Wish” wrap: Ta-da!

Here’s my last FO for 2014:

As You Wish knit wrap completed by Hannah at

It’s the As You Wish wrap/shawl by Boo Knits (available on Ravelry for a small price).

Yarn used: KnitPicks Hawthorne Fingering in Belmont colorway, 1 skein

Needles used: US 7, 8, 9, and 10, respectively

Size: about 64″ across once blocked (163cm)

As You Wish wrap - more photos and link to pattern at

The wool/nylon blend yarn is nice and soft, and the colorway is GORGEOUS.  The photos don’t really do it justice.  It’s a pretty decent price over at KnitPicks, too.  It blocked nicely and has a lovely drape:

As You Wish wrap - more photos and link to pattern at

This wrap/shawl is a good weight for winter here in South Carolina; we’re averaging lately in the 50s and 60s (F) so it’s not near freezing or anything.  For other, chillier areas, this would probably be good for Spring or Fall.

Here’s a photo of the right side of the work:

As You Wish wrap - more photos and link to pattern at

And the right side of the ends:

As You Wish wrap - more photos and link to pattern at

I really like it, and the pattern wasn’t hard to follow — it wasn’t frustratingly difficult or boringly easy.  You really do mix and match parts of the pattern to make the shawl quite literally as you wish.  For details on exactly how mine was constructed, visit my Ravelry project page and check out the notes.  And can you believe this decent sized wrap just took one skein of yarn?  I’m really happy about that.

Well, Thanks for stopping by, that’s all I’ve got for today!  See you soon!

Gothic Lace Cowl complete!

Just in time for Christmas, it’s finished!

Gothic Lace Cowl, a knitted cowl complete with buttons!

The Gothic Lace Cowl is a free pattern on Ravelry.  Knit with worsted weight yarn, it works up relatively quickly.  I chose to knit the long cowl version, so it’s a loop that will wrap twice around your neck.

Gothic Lace Cowl - a closeup of the knitting

For this project I used Berroco Vintage in 5176, a heathery orange.

Gothic Lace Cowl - super close up of the knitting

The buttons were the “Champagne Heirloom Buttons” by BasicGrey.  I believe I got these adorable plastic buttons from KnitPicks a while back, but I’m not 100% sure.

Gothic Lace Cowl - knitting with a crochet buttonloop section

The buttonloops are crocheted, although there is an option in the pattern to knit it if you’d prefer.  I like the crochet loops a lot, and the buttons themselves are really pretty.

Gothic Lace Cowl - knitted cowl with beautiful buttons!

Hopefully my future sister-in-law will like it — she asked for an orange scarf for Christmas so I took the liberty of choosing the pattern and buttons.  Most unfortunately I won’t be able to see her open her gift on Christmas morning this year, but I’ve already delivered it with a card so I know she’ll have it.

Well that’s all for today!  I’ve gotta go get ready for visiting my fiance’s dad’s family tomorrow and my own family on Christmas day — my nailpolish is all chipped and I need to wash my Christmas sweater.  See you soon!

new project!

Finally, I’m diligently working on something:

It’s the beginnings of the Gothic Lace Cowl and I’m making it for my fiance’s younger sister, who is also going to be the maid of honor in the wedding.  She asked for a scarf in a burnt orange color (it’s one of her school colors), and this particular one is cool because you can wear it as a short scarf or as a cowl — it has buttons so you can change it up.  I’m going to try to get it done by Christmas, but with the two times I’ve already had to frog and go back a ways, I’ll have to be working at a decent rate.  We shall see.

The yarn is Berroco Vintage, a machine washable worsted weight yarn composed of 52% acrylic, 40% wool, and 8% nylon.  It’s one of my favorites for gifts and blankets because it is warm, pretty soft, and commonly retails for about $8.50 per skein, which is 100g and 200m.  The color is slightly heather-y:

By the way, the cute stitch markers pictured were purchased from Ruth, who runs the blog Ruth Plus Two, on her Etsy shop, where she also has hand-dyed yarns for sale.

While I’m giving shoutouts I have to mention Nicky, who runs the blog D’NALI, because she was so kind as to send me her extra copy of a Vogue Knitting book, as well as a sweet card:

Thank you so much Nicky, the book has already helped me figure out a couple of knitting techniques that were baffling me!  It was very kind of you to send it and I greatly appreciate it!

And lastly, I want to let everyone know how delicious these are:

I bought these from Target and they are incredible!  I’ve been gobbling them up while knitting and marathoning the Harry Potter movies.  Kind of obsessed with those.

Well, that’s all for today.  Hopefully I’ll be able to post the finish scarf/cowl soon!  Thanks for stopping by!

black friday yarn

Some yarn buying happened yesterday, but not in a store. In fact, I don’t think there is a LYS at all in my city. KnitPicks, however, was having a sale (and still is), and it was impossible to resist.

I decided to try a new yarn, hoping for some motivation and inspiration, and the Hawthorne line caught my eye. The Hawthorne yarn is a fingering/sock weight yarn and is composed of 80% superwash fine highland wool and 20% nylon, and every colorway is gorgeous! I hope it’s soft, too, because I got 6 skeins.

Here are pictures of the colorways I purchased:







Aren’t they lovely? I can’t wait to receive them and get to work on some projects!

Have you ever tried this line of KnitPicks yarn? If so, what did you think?

That’s all for today, I think. Thank you for stopping by!

a mess of life

That’s what I’ve got right now.  It seems like it’s been longer than it has been since I’ve posted, but it’s still been a few weeks.  Time for an update.

Well, my uncle passed away at the end of October.  Mom and I went to Arkansas to see him in the hospital the day before he died, so we got to say goodbye.  Dad followed us out there for the funeral.  I got to play my bagpipes for him and for my aunt, which was very special to me.  We had the opportunity to visit with a large number of family members, some of whom we hadn’t seen in many years, so that was a bit of a silver lining, I suppose.  This is me and my uncle last winter when my other uncle passed away and we went to Arkansas:

The days since the funeral have been pretty hard.  There are lots of emotions that go along with that event, and that’s on top of some depression that my fiance and I have both been experiencing lately (not to do with each other, more our situations in other parts of life).  Some days I just called out from work; thank goodness I work in the counseling field where my supervisors understand and encourage me to take the time I need (I’m extra glad about that because there’s been all kinds of stuff going on at work, too).  Even as a counselor, it’s hard not to slip farther into depression and let my anxiety get the better of me.  You can’t exactly counsel yourself.

Crochet and knitting might would be an excellent outlet and relief, but I honestly haven’t been able to pull anything out to work on.  Instead I’ve been diving headfirst into researching fountain pens and calligraphy — I’d like to do my own stuff for the wedding’s required paper goods (BTW, the wedding date has been confirmed!  It’s next October 17th!).  I’ve been practicing my handwriting with a flex-nibbed fountain pen:

I think I’m getting better!

Well, that’s all for today I suppose.  That pretty much summed up everything I can tell you about my life right now.  Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be back with the yarcraft related posts soon, I hope!  It’ll be good for me, I’m sure.  See you then!