a crochet cushion: begin!

Not sure whether to call these bobbles or puffs, but I’ve been seeing them everywhere lately and had to make my own richly textured fabric:

Bobble cushion
It’s fun to work but it is a bit time consuming and takes a LOT of yarn.  Was gonna make a cushion cover with this, then realized I might not have enough of this color to complete the square!  Fortunately I have a similar color that will completment it nicely if I have to make it two-toned.

crochet bobbles

Well that’s all for right now, thanks for stopping by!  I’ll update again soon!

in the works

Sorry for the lack of posting — I’m in the middle of more projects than I can count but none of them seem to be growing enough to share progress.  I am working on a PDF for a pattern I just wrote up (it’s for a crocheted hat), so that’ll be done soon, and I’m about to use up a bunch of stash yarn for funsies, so I’ll take some pics of that too.

Gah, and wedding planning, oh my gosh.  We’re not even doing that much and I’m stressed out (even though my mom is helping a whole lot)!

*Sigh…* I need to clean my house…

“Izumi” wrap/shawl/stole thingy: begin!

What do you call these large lacy rectangles?  Are “wrap,” “shawl,” and “stole” used interchangeably?  Well, in any case, I’ve started one using the Izumi pattern by Bernadette Ambergen, and it’s for my wedding!

The decision to make one of these items for my wedding was almost last minute, so I needed to make something crocheted (a knitted item would have taken too long).  I purchased 3 skeins of Dye For Wool’s Merino/Baby Camel fingering weight yarn (55% Merino, 45% Camel) from their Etsy store in the colorway Burning Fuchsia:

DyeForWool yarn in Burning Fuchsia

It has a SLIGHT variation in color, which gives it that special hand dyed look (which is good, since it is) without taking away from delicate stitch patterns, and it perfectly matches one of the wedding colors.  I believe it took less than a week to get here, too, all the way from Germany!  Oh, and NO KNOTS!  :-)

This yarn is a super soft single ply yarn, and I’ve done a review on it (in another colorway), so click here for more details about the yarn!

The pattern isn’t as hard as it looks; it has 3 main sections (A, B, A) & a beautiful border on each end which you add last.  Here’s my progress through the first section:

Izumi crochet

I actually had to go down 2 hook sizes to get close to the gauge required (and even so it might be a little extra wide once blocked, but I’m OK with that), so that took a little trial and error, but once I got it, it started to speed along.  That might have actually been because I’m using a light fingering weight yarn instead of a lace yarn as the pattern suggests.  Oh well, I love it!  Here’s the second section:

Izumi crochet

You can see the ripple-y zig-zag-y pattern on the white background, even without blocking, and I can’t wait to get more done (it’s a fun pattern)!

I maaaaaaay have been taking it to work and crocheting in some of the groups I’m not leading, but my boss recently took up knitting and crocheting (and she’s really good!) so she agreed that it’s good to sometimes demonstrate to our clients that we as counselors need to use coping skills and have productive leisure activities, too.  Some of the clients have actually expressed interest and have asked if we could start a crafting group in the afternoons while everyone is waiting for their vans to come pick them up.  I think that would be super fun!

Well, that’s all for now.  I’ll update again soon because I’m speeding right along through this project (which is really good since I have a deadline less than 2 monthss away!).  Thanks for stopping by!


ravelry bundles question

First, if you’re not on Ravelry, you should be!  It’s my favorite source for free and paid patterns alike, and you can filter your searches for super specific results (as well as a bunch more awesome features).

To the point, though, they’ve added another way to organize your favorites.  It’s called “bundles,” and it looks like this:


Looks kind of like Pinterest boards, don’t you think?

My question, however, is this:  What kind of bundles do you make?  As you can see I’ve got a bunch of tags already for organizational purposes, so I don’t know what bundles to make that wouldn’t be superfluous, but I really want to use them because they look so nice!

Do you alrady have bundles, and if so, what do you call them?

knitCompanion app review

Even though I did a post about crafty apps relatively recently, I had to share this one immediately.  It’s called knitCompanion, and the basic version is free!


You can import PDFs from various sources, keep track of multiple patterns at once, and make a variety of annotations.  You can cut out unnecessary pages, paste multiple pages of charts together to make one large chart, set up an interactive chart and legend/key, and so much more.  Here’s how I’ve been using it:


The highlighted row marks the row I’m currently on, and I’ve set alternate rows to be different shades of yellow to denote right side and wrong side (which I did in the legend as well, as you can see).  The blue-green line is where I inserted a lifeline in case I have to rip back.

The amazing thing is that this is only a small amount of the things you can do with just the charts alone!  For all of these features, however, you have to pay about $11 yearly.  I think it’s worth it though, because it’s really keeping me from getting lost in this difficult knitting pattern!

I hope this was useful to you — if you’ve got this app or if you plan on getting it, let me know what you think.  Now they just need to make a crochet version!



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