last chance for that Etsy coupon code for Ruth Plus Two!

Ruth from Ruth Plus Two has generously given readers of Not Your Average Crochet a discount coupon for her Etsy Store!  Use the coupon NOTYOURAVERAGE10 at ruth plus two for a 10% discount on purchases over A$30 (approx. US$24) until midnight 30 June (AEST).

Thanks Ruth for the coupon code!

needle gauge pendant from Debra’s Garden

I saw someone on Instagram who had one of these from Debra’s Garden and I immediately went to get one.  Much more handy and portable than those giant needle gauges I had before.

needle gauge pendant


I think it’s really cool, it kind of looks like a shell to me.  I got the Champagne color with the heart key ring.  Maybe it will end up on the necklace that holds my thread cutter pendant.  It’s too small to have metric numbers for each one but since I’m an American I’m used to the alphabet sizing.

Just wanted to share that with you guys.  There’s more cool stuff on that website too so click above and check it out!

Thanks for stopping by!

citrus stripe blanket: begin!

Sometimes it’s hard to stick with just a couple of projects.  The Citrus Stripe Blanket by Susan Carlson was impossible to resist!

citrus stripe blanket

Photo used with the permisssion of Susan Carlson

I’m using leftover yarn from the clamshell baby blanket (KnitPicks Brava Sport) and have already completed a few stripes:

citrus stripe blanket

It’s a great free pattern that’s not too hard, works up quickly, and doesn’t require a ton of yarn.  I’m loving it!

citrus stripe blanket

It’s hard to get the colors just right in a photo…

Also, our ceiling and roof are almost completely repaired!  It seems there’s just a bit of cleanup left to do and we’ll have our back room back, thank goodness!

Well, that’s all for today, thanks for stopping by!

coming up rose hat: ta-da!

After a bit of trial and error, my Coming Up Roses Hat is complete!

coming up roses hat

I love working with the KnitPicks’ Comfy Worsted cotton yarn, but the pattern was a little off (or perhaps it was just me…).  I had to up the hook size and I finished about an inch before the pattern recommended to tie off (and it fits my head fine this way). The cross stitch was also done by holding 2 strands of the yarn instead of just 1 for a fuller effect:

coming up roses hat closeup


…I’m not very good at cross stitch…

Well there’s lots of yarn left and I plan on making a few things with it, but that can wait until another day.  Thanks so much for stopping by, see you soon!

colorblock blanket progress

In May 2014 I started making a knitted colorblock blanket, and it’s sat untouched for a few months.  I’ve picked it back up, and I’m about 2/3 through with the body of the blanket.  The simple garter stitch is relatively quick (for knitting, that is) and will provide a nice stretchy blanket when complete.


This, like my Coming Up Roses hat that I’m also working on now, is made of KnitPicks’ Comfy Worsted, a really soft cotton.

That’s really all I’ve got today.  I know a garter stitch blanket isn’t the most exciting project in the world but it’s enjoyable to have a repetitive pattern sometimes that’s easy enough for me to simultaneously watch TV with subtitles (Chris and I have been watching some anime lately).

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!


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