fix that ugly turning chain!

Ever been doing rows of double crochet and been aggravated that the turning chains leave a bit of a space?  Well, no more!  Check out this video:

I have a feeling one of you introduced me to this video but I don’t remember who it was — I beg your pardon!  I just wanted to share this brilliant idea.  I have a feeling the same technique could be applied to half-double crochet as well, and maybe even single crochet… I’d have to mess with it but it sounds possible.  (I’m using US terms here, btw).  I hope that’s a helpful tip for you — I’ll certainly be using this method from now on!  It would probably work when crocheting circular rounds as well, like hats.  Those chains always bother me and there’s always a “back” to my double crochet hats.

Also in crochet news, Deramores has the “Lucy Pack” of Stylecraft Special DK back in stock.  I was initially very excited, since I am wanting to do another crochet afghan/blanket with this yarn, but in the absence of the pack being available I kind of lined up my own color scheme.  It was similar to the “Lucy Pack” but left out a couple of colors and added some others.  The pack does save a bit of money compared to buying the skeins separately, though, and even though it might not be much, since I’m short on cash it’s worth some consideration.  Basically I don’t know what I’m going to buy, if I can even afford to buy yarn for an afghan at all.  I’m almost out of scraps, and I’m getting frustrated with the lack of things to crochet.  I have a couple of knitting WIPs but I think I’ll always want to have a crochet project on hand too.

Thanks for stopping by!  I’ve got TONS more to post about but I’m trying really hard to space out my posts by at least 2 or 3 days, both to keep from annoying you and to keep from running out of things to talk about.  Also, have a happy Easter!

2 more stitch tutorials up, plus other stuff

I’m pleased to introduce two more stitch tutorials!  Please welcome the cluster stitch and the pineapple stitch to the crochet tutorial family!

cluster stitch

cluster stitch

pineapple stitch

pineapple stitch

I hope you like them!  If you have any questions feel free to ask!  Now on to the other stuff…

I took a trip to my local yarn shop today, seeing as how it’s been a really long time since I’ve been and I always love buying yarn (who doesn’t?).  After perusing their usual wares for some time, I realized that I was finding all of their usual prices to be really high.  I suppose it’s because my most recent yarn purchases have been such good online deals that I’m finding the store’s prices so exorbitant.  I’ve always preferred buying from the LYS because I want to support the local business and I really like feeling the yarn before I buy it, and the only reason I started buying online is because the LYS has a rather limited and unchanging selection.  So now I’m thinking that I’m probably going to take most of my business to the Internet because there’s more yarny variety and it’s so much cheaper, but I can’t help feeling a twinge of guilt, abandoning the LYS like that.

What do you prefer?  Do you have a nice yarn store near you that you prefer, or do you purchase your necessities online?  Perhaps a combination of both?  I’m interested to see how many people in the current day and age buy online versus in-store.

Thanks for stopping by!

while you wait…

I know you’re probably eager for news about the giveaway.  Well, there are lots of entrants, which is great!  But right now, I want to share with you a pattern that I came up with yesterday and today.  It’s for a shawl-like neck warmer.  It’s made in the usual triange/half-circle shawl shape, and if you put it on with the point towards the front and wrap the ends around your neck, you can fasten them underneath the point part under your chin with a button, if you like.  I hope you like it!

in-a-day wraplet

And if you like, I just put it on Ravelry so you can put it in your favorites or in your queue if you like.

Hope you enjoy!

double take

I liked the first potholder so much that I made another one today, with the exact same pattern, just different yarn.  This time I used Berocco Vintage Chunky, which is only 50% acrylic and therefore less likely to melt on my hand if in use.  I think the first one would be OK, but I don’t want to chance it.  So anyway, here is potholder #2:

I used the leftover yarn from my flower sunburst granny square blanket.  I think it turned out really nice, even though it’s very large.  This one is 11″ wide, while the first one was only 8.5″ wide:

Despite the large size,  I really like it.  I’m going to give this one away as a gift, actually, but I’ll keep the first one.

Thanks for stopping by today!

back to hooking

After all this knitting, I realized I was neglecting crochet horrendously.  I therefore looked up a new pattern that I hadn’t tried yet and made an ornamental potholder!

Ta-da!  I found this on Ravelry, which sent me to this original pattern from Crochet with Raymond.  I did a few things in the pattern my own way, like centering the granny increases in row 7 to be above the petals, but I really do like this pattern!  The center motif is called an African flower, and it’s becoming quite popular these days in all kinds of projects.  I had a bit of trouble in a couple of places, just being uncertain exactly what the pattern meant, but I think I succeeded.

The pattern calls for a back layer, which you can see through the granny gaps, and that really does make it suitable for picking up hot kitchen items.  I’m afraid I won’t be using mine for that, however, because I used Caron Simply Soft yarn and I’m scared that the acrylic would melt on my hand instantly on contact with a hot pan, or something like that.  Scary.  I think I’ll just hang it above my kitchen sink to add some cheer to my dismal 1970s typical apartment kitchen.

I might make more potholders soon to hang beside this one — I think they’re really charming, even though the idea of hanging potholders is very old-fashioned.  I remember my grandma had some hanging on her kitchen wall when I was little.  Although the idea is an old one, I think it can be done in a pretty, modern way.  That’s what I’m trying to do, anyway.  Let me know if I’m failing.  It just seems so cheery and homey, which I’ve been big into lately.  Well, I’m out for the night — it’s past 2 am here and time for bed!

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