first FO of 2015: Desert Rose, ta-da!

I’d have posted earlier because it only took a day to make, but I had to block it first!

Desert Rose - crocheted by Hannah from Not Your Average Crochet

The pattern is by Ana Clerc and is actually called Desert Marigold — I just called it Desert Rose because I used a yarn colorway called Rose City. The pattern is available for $5.50 on Ravelry (click here).

The pattern is very simple — I’m a little mad at myself for paying for it when I could probably have gotten close by looking at the pictures, but I went ahead and paid because I didn’t want to sit around experimenting and guessing (is that paying to be lazy?).  In any case, it turned out beautiful and I’m very happy with it!

Desert Rose - lacy crochet cowl in a fingering weight yarn

The yarn is KnitPicks Hawthorne in Rose City, and I still have a good bit left.  Maybe I could make a baby hat?

It was good to get back to crochet after such a lot of knitting.  It went by so fast but I enjoyed every minute!

Desert Rose - crochet cowl in a lacy patternI’m stuck on fingring/sock weight yarns right now, because they make wearables drape so nicely!  I’ve already started another project that’s also in fingering weight yarn and it’s coming along — I’ll share soon!  So far 2015 has been very productive (I hope it lasts)!  Have you started on anything new yet this year?

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a project for a friend

My friend Tara, for whom I made this hat, met me for lunch the other day at a cafe near the local yarn shop.  She went with me after we ate to just browse through the yarn, and ended up purchasing some yarn and a pattern booklet for me to make her a second item!  The yarn is K’acha from Mirasol Yarn (of merino, alpaca, and silk) in shade 1201:

yarn for tara

What a lovely color for fall!  The yarn is listed on Ravelry as being DK weight but it seems more like a heavy worsted as I’m working.  Anyway, Tara bought 4 skeins to be sure there was enough for the whole project.

The shawl/scarf is called “bajada,” it is knit on size 8 straight needles, and is more crescent shaped than triangle shaped.

I would like a similarly shaped shawl/scarf myself, but I don’t think it’ll be another one of these — this pattern is so hard!  You have to have your eyes glued to the booklet instructions — every row of small print contains a different combination of “stitch pattern A” and “stitch pattern B” so you have to pay careful attention!  In fact, I couldn’t keep track of it all in my head so I wrote out the combinations for each row (as well as reminders to increase every 4th row) on notebook paper and am checking them off as I go.  I think that’s what makes it hard (that and the time it’s taken to get where I am), because the stitches themselves aren’t too crazy.  The weirdest stitch so far has been purling 2 through the back loops.  Here’s what I’ve done:


Not very impressive yet, as it’s such a small amount of the finished product, but I’m proud of it nonetheless for all the time and effort it is taking.  When it is blocked the lacy edges will appear more obviously, I assume.  There have been a couple of scary points where I’ve had less stitches after a row than I should, and having to go back to fix it is terrifying — I’m not at all sure that I’m undoing some of the stitches properly!  Looks OK so far, though.

Well, that’s all for today.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

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