I’m using US terms.

crochet terms conversion chart

what you can do with it:

Aside from holding your notions such as scissors, yarn needles, and crochet hooks, these might just make good gifts if you have another crafty person near and dear to your heart!

how to do it:

I used worsted weight yarn and a US7 hook (but I’m sure a G/6 would be fine).

Using hdc stitches, you’re going to make 4 different sized rectangles.  They are each begun by chaining 21 and making hdcs across.

The first one made is the center one (my light blue).  I did 10 rows.  The second one, my coral, is 12 rows.  The third one (my gray) is 14 rows, and the last (red) one is 16 rows.  Leave long tails for sewing.

To assemble, sew each rectangle together so that each one makes a tube.  Do this by sewing the bottom chain edge to the top row’s edge.  Now you should have four tubes of varying widths.  Take each tube and roll the top edge down so that the top and bottom edges are even.  As you can see, the rolled edge faces up, and you just put the smaller ones inside the larger ones.  If you want, you can sew the edges on the bottom together to make it more secure, but I didn’t need to.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!  I hope you enjoy!

Note: this pattern is based off of a knitted pincushion found here.

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