crocheted cord covers


crochet cord covers

If you’re like me, you’re always getting your charging cables & headphones for your electronics all tangled up.  This method will keep that problem from happening, and will also keep your cords from getting mixed up with cords belonging to others (and make your cords cute at the same time)!

Don’t do this though if your cords are frayed or if they get really hot when in use!  Gotta stay safe!

what you’ll need:

  • cords/headphones
  • sock weight yarn
  • an appropriate hook
  • scissors
  • needle to sew in ends

how to do it:

Make a slipknot on your hook:


crochet cord covers set up

Holding the tail along the cord, make a sc (US) around the cord & tail:

crochet cord covers sc


Pulling the tail tight, continue making sc stitches (US) around the cord & tail:


crochet cord covers keep going

Continue until you reach the end of the cord, tie off, & sew in the end.  Ta-da!


crochet cord cover blue

This was made with wool yarn, since wool is hard to catch on fire compared with other yarn fibers.  So was this one:


crochet cord cover pink

For my headphones I used a silk yarn because headphones don’t get hot like charging cords might, and it’ll be softer than wool when next to the skin.  Where the headphones split, and where the remote is, I stopped and started anew on the other side:


crochet headphones cover

That’s it!  Hope you enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hannah, what a clever and quick idea! This tutorial rocks! I am looking at the ugly white cord that attaches my portable hard drive to my computer here at work! I think it is going to be my “test” subject!


  2. Those are so cute! Love it!


  3. Very good ideas. Thank you!


  4. Thanks for this simple how-to! I might just try it tonight 🙂 Vee x


  5. Dyllas Taylor says:

    Thanks for the great ideas and of course the free instructions. There are not many patterns that are free.


  6. xandrucea says:

    You’re a genius!
    I am wondering why I never did this before, all these cables just break after some times….. think this won’t happen in the future! 🙂


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