4 squares

That Granny Square app by Simply Crochet mentioned in my last post has put out 4 more squares since last I posted. Here are my versions:

simply crochet square 3

simply crochet square 4

simply crochet square 5

simply crochet square 6

They are fun to make, especially since each one is different, and it’s giving me something to do in between bigger crochet projects. I am actually knitting a blanket right now — photos of that are coming soon — but the crochet front has been pretty quiet.

A lot has been happening in my life lately (both good and bad) but the short version is that I’m enjoying my job despite some drama with coworkers, my boyfriend and I are doing well despite a bit of a rocky patch we’ve just gotten through, and I’m making new friends despite my tendencies to be shy and quiet.

It’s also getting pretty hot here in Columbia SC — it’s already been upwards of 90 degrees F (over 32 C). What have you been doing to stay cool so far this summer? I need some fresh ideas; I’ll try anything to keep sweat from showing through my clothes (gross, perhaps, but that’s what happens to everyone here). And do you even find it possible to wear any crocheted or knitted items past March? I just can’t do it… Sitting in my cool house with my knitting on my lap as I work on it is almost too hot!

Has anyone seen the new Disney movie “Maleficent?” I saw it the other day in theaters and I really liked it because, for one thing, it gave much more depth to the characters from the animated version of “Sleeping Beauty.” I won’t give away more but if you liked the original I’d recommend seeing this new version of the story!

I guess that’s everything for now. Hopefully you’ll visit again soon, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great looking squares and happy to hear that life is more good than unpleasant.


  2. Plenty of woollies still out here. It only gets to 32c at the height of summer if we are very lucky!


  3. koba kotze says:

    It is so pretty . your colours are beautiful. Can you give me advise please. I wanr to make a vintage blanket, how many different sqaures can I use in a blanket


    • You can use as many as you want! I typically use one square pattern throughout but I’ve seen some really cool ones that combine all different kinds of squares!


  4. Beautiful Squares, I am hoping to get started on these soon too!


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