foot update

Thanks everyone for the get-well wishes!  You all really cheered me up, for sure.

My sprained foot was feeling better yesterday so I thought I’d try to work a short shift on the food truck (standing didn’t hurt and of course I need the money).  I should not have gone — this morning it was sore and more painful to walk on because of it (also, driving was a bit slow; it’s good I didn’t have to go very far).  Chris is making sure I keep my foot iced and wrapped and elevated, and right now it’s alright.  I don’t think over all that it’s getting worse, I just shouldn’t be working on it.  While it doesn’t really feel worse now, it does look worse; Chris says the discoloration and swelling are results of the natural pooling of the blood and that it’s not anything to worry about (I’m glad he used to be an athletic trainer).  I think it looks fascinating — wanna see?


You can see where I’d had my little brace thing on, which helped with the swelling so it’s not as obvious here.  The discoloration looks so weird, doesn’t it?  This was this morning, and the dark patches have spread a little, but it’s pretty much the same.  Sorry, you probably don’t care about the details of my foot, haha.  I’m just fascinated because I haven’t really seen anything like this in person before (that I can remember clearly).

I have not ruled out going to a doctor if it starts feeling worse, but I feel like right now as long as I do what Chris says, it’ll be OK.  He said I can’t wear flip-flops for at least a month, which really irks me because I love my Rainbows sandals and it’s really hot to wear sneakers all the time (not to mention mine are dirty and falling apart).  But he says sneakers will give more support, and since I can lace them up tightly it’ll be extra good.  *sigh*  I’ll do what he says.   Maybe it’ll just be an excuse to get a cute new pair of sneakers… 😉

Well, thanks for stopping by.  I’ll take it easy from now on and not try to over-do things, so the crocheting is ON!


  1. Kathryn Rubidoux says:

    Eww… that doesn’t look like any fun at all. You definitely deserve new sneakers, supposed to replace them every 4 to 6 months anyhow.


    • Really? That often, huh? Well then I’m definitely overdue!


      • Kathryn Rubidoux says:

        If they are walking shoes and used regularly, that is what is recommended for foot health/support. If you hardly wear them then obviously they wouldn’t need to be replaced as often. I wear my shoes until they are in shreds, which takes about a year of heavy use.


  2. you didn’t listen, did you? No more short shifts!!!


  3. Hilary Adams says:

    Take care of yourself. It will take a while to heal, always longer than you want. Thanks for everything you do on the website. It’s such a treat.


  4. He’s right! You need something with support (hiking boots that cover the ankle are good too!). The best advice I ever had with a sprained ankle was to make a conscious effort not to limp. It might be marginally less painful but you can get in to a bad habit and create knock on problems elsewhere. So, I’m passing it on 😉


  5. Wow, that’s almost as colourful as one of your blankets 😉
    You definitely deserve a new pair of sneakers.


  6. I’m so glad that your foot is healing and yes you need to get a good pair of shoes to support your feet, especially when you stand on them all day. Take Care!


  7. Lemme tell you what you’re in for if you don’t listen — fast forward 15 years and your ankle/foot will still be bothering you.

    I played volleyball in college … got a sprain from that … was told to wear the brace for three months … took said brace off as soon as the swelling went down … fast forward 15 years and I can’t wear heels … not even low ones.

    Even if your foot feels better doesn’t mean it is. Be well.


  8. So sorry to hear about your accident. If I were you, I would definitely visit a foot doctor. I injured my foot/ankle about 15 years ago. I rolled it didn’t go to the doctor’s for about a month. I was told that foot and ankle injuries should be tended to within 24 hours. I ended up tearing all the tendons and ligaments and ended up wearing an air cast for about a year and a half. I avoided surgery by seeing the doctor once a week for shots, ultrasound massage and wraps. I had an 18 month old at the time, so really couldn’t have the surgery. Today, my ankle is somewhat weak and I am always afraid of rolling it again. Be careful. Walking on an injured foot can make it worse. I hope it heals well for you.


  9. Eeek, yes keep that foot up and rest! Hope to hear it’s clearing up quickly and in the meantime, I look forward to seeing what you stitch to pass the time.


  10. Ouch! I used to sprain my ankles all the time (playing hockey, not that sporty any more!) but I don’t think I ever achieved such a good colour 🙂 Don’t rush things too much, as others have said it might do more damage in the long run. Try some arnica gel or cream on it to help with the bruising 🙂


  11. Take care!


  12. Oh my goodness, please take care – maybe you should have that looked at! I hesitate to write that, but …


  13. OUCH! Wishing you some swift healing. Just stay off your feet and crochet as much as you can.


  14. It still looks really sore, take it easy and don’t do too much too soon.


  15. Two words. Arnica and China Gel. Except that is three words. Arnica is a homeopathic remedy that is great for bruising and soft tissue injuries. China Gel is sort of like a healing salve. Fair warning – sprains take a long time to heal. Treat yourself gently, and take time to heal properly.


  16. Ariel Sutton says:

    My name is dawn my ankle is doing the same. It spreds color when im on it but only hirts a little what did they say about your when you went to the dockter did they say the blood flow thing was normel and your ok and the purple color will go away was any fater tratment need let me know thanks dawn


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