oh dear…

It’s amazing how much crafting one can get done when there is something massively important looming closer and closer that you don’t want to prepare for.  Like studying for my school exit exam.  Look what I made today:

flower cushion front


It’s the front for the blooming flower cushion from Attic24.  I know, I know, I copy her stuff a lot.  Well, I had the leftover Stylecraft Special DK yarn from my last blanket, and it’s a cute fun pattern, so why not?  It’s been in my Ravelry queue forever, and I was reminded of the pattern by Rachel’s recent post on her own lovely finished cushion.

I’m dissatisfied with the picture — it looks so dark — but our apartment windows let in minimal light and it’s nighttime anyway.  I was just too excited with this project to wait until tomorrow.  Plus, tomorrow, I may have the back done and the whole thing sewn together to show you.  We’ll have to see… I REALLY need to study more.  I also need to find something to fill the cushion with.  Our Hobby Lobby doesn’t have round pillow forms and my LYS doesn’t carry them either.  Maybe old T-shirts, if the T-shirt colors don’t show through the yarn.  Or maybe a square pillow just stuffed in.

Also, does anybody have any ideas about how I could easily make this cushion cover removable?  The pattern instructs for it to be completely stitched up around the pillow form, and that might not be best since I have a boyfriend and a dog (meaning I have to wash things a lot).  Adding buttons unobtrusively might be difficult though, I just don’t know.  Or instead, do you just throw your cushions and covers alike into the washer?  If I could throw it into the washer whole, it wouldn’t matter.  What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Kathryn Rubidoux says:

    That turned out nice! Maybe line the inside so you can use whatever you want for stuffing and add a zipper closure between the back and front? I guess you could just scotch guard the hooha out of it and hope for the best… that’s generally my method.


  2. Looks good!

    Try eBay, I bought a 12″ duck feather cushion pad for less than £5 from a UK seller who might ship intl if you want me to check?

    I dc the edges together and said that if it needs washing I’m happy to undo and redo the join as obviously you can’t wash the pad.


  3. This looks lovely! Another one that has been on my Ravelry list forever too! I must get round to it!


  4. That is so awesome! I think the picture is great. So beautifully colorful! I look forward to seeing your finished cushion.


  5. It’s lovely. Now get on with your work 😉
    You and Rachel are as bad as each other, doing crochet and avoiding the more serious stuff (mind you, no doubt I would be the same!!!).


  6. Procrastination … – I guess we’ve all been there before …
    However, have you thought about attaching (sewing? buttoning?) your flower to a square pillow? It might look even brighter on purple or dark green and square pillows are a lot easier to find.


  7. Your zipper is really cute and well done as a closure, but I also recommend little sew-on squares of velcro for items you don’t lay on as often. Thread matching the yarn color, cuz the glue always shows on crochet pieces. Also, I read about how you didn’t become a bridesmaid? Don’t fret, there are friends you haven’t met yet and you will find them.


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