alternative granny

crochet terms conversion chart

what you can do with them:

You obviously sew them together to make cushions, afghans, scarves, placemats, or whatever you want.  You can also continue the same square and make one giant  square for a giant single-square afghan or something like that!

how to do it:

Start either by making 4-6 chains and ss in first chain to form a ring, OR use the magic loop method, whichever you prefer.

Round 1: ch5, dc4:

Next, ch2, dc4, ch2, dc4, ch2, dc3,

Then, ss in 3rd ch.

Round 2: ss in the space of the corner (the 2 ch space):

Next, ch5,  dc2 in same sp:

Then, dc in each of next dcs:

In next corner space make 2dc, ch2, 2dc:

go around like this until you get to the end of the square:

then  make 1dc in the first corner space:

Finally, ss in 3rd ch:

Rounds 3+: repeat round 2 (you should have more dcs along the side of the row with each round you make):

And that’s it!  London Mummy did 3 rounds in color and the 4th round in a cream color, then stitched them together (I’m not sure which method she used for that — there are many available).

21 thoughts on “alternative granny

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  2. raggz2baggz

    Hi I really like your pattern page! It looks real nice and I like the way you write your patterns. Thank you for sharing your talent! I love to crochet.

    Ta Ta for now, Cathy the Bagg Lady

      1. raggz2baggz

        You will, in fact I am going to use the squares from the Mummy’s Pillow (I think that is what you called it) to make a tote bag for carrying my ongoing crocheting work.

      1. The-Little-Room-of-Rachell

        Actually I tried the pattern last night and found it a bit unclear, is it possible to use * * to indicate where the repeats come in (2nd round, I think.) I was unsure what to do when i came to the 5 ch part. This is because I’m newish to crochet still, not your skills as a pattern writer so much! :-)
        If you can could put pics on to accompany each round that would be super fabulas!!!! (But I know we don’t all have time to sit and blog about crochet, there is much more to life and demands on time….)
        Best wishes,


      2. CrochetQueen Post author

        I’m sorry! I’ll try to add pics soon. Unfortunately I can’t use * * for the repeats because I’d be infringing on a copyright, I think. Hopefully the pictures will help — I’ll get on them asap!

      1. The Little Room of Rachell

        Hannah!!! Oh! You were Crochet Queen?! How did I miss that she and you are the same? I’m looking back at my first posts and clicked on the link to the helpful CQ blog post and….it was YOU! :-D

      2. HannahDavis Post author

        Hahaha yeah that’s me! I changed it because I saw that others were using their real names and I thought it might make my blog more personable.

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