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browzing the interwebz

Well, really just browsing Ravelry…  Do you ever do that, too?  I mean, just looking at patterns without thought for what yarn/hooks/needles you have or what skill level you’re at, just saying “ooooo, pretty!”  I’ve added tons of faves lately and I wanted to share since I haven’t done that in a long time.  I’ll start off with some free patterns by Silvia Bo Bilvia, who is now in my fave designers category.  Click on the pictures to go to the pattern pages.  I love the name of this first one:

A Blanket For Seriously Cold People; uses super-bulky yarn

The Lace Mess Shawl; uses bulky yarn so should work up fast!

The Lonely Tree Shawl; uses worsted yarn

Common Bean; also uses bulky yarn

She has more such shawls, which I think are nice because they don’t use fingering weight yarn like many other shawls do.  Those take FOREVER to make!

These next pieces are by various other designers, and are also free:


Nine Dwindling Cables

Knitted and Scrunched Beanie; you can loosen the ribbon tie so that it’s more slouchy if you like.


F498 Worsted Merino Superwash Spring Beret; I’m going to make this together with my friend!


Cupcake Mittlets

Black Death

I’m sure you noticed these were all knitting patterns, but I’ve shared a zillion crochet patterns already and haven’t added more to my Ravelry faves recently.  Most, of these patterns are worsted weight or thicker, which is what I look for in knitted projects since they take longer than crocheted ones for me.  I’m planning on making some of these to sell — the friend I’m making the above hat with has very graciously allowed me to use some of her rented shelf space in a local store, and so of course I’m going to break into my stash and get moving, since Winter is Coming.  Haha, Game of Thrones.  That reminds me of this item I pinned on Pinterest:

$18.50 from KellyConnorDesigns on Etsy

Tee-hee!  I don’t need another project bag but just looking at this one makes me smile.

Well, it started raining as I was writing this up, so I think I’m gonna spend some time snuggling with my dog on the couch under a crocheted blanket, drinking wine and eating blueberry-french-toast cupcakes (there’s an awesome cupcake foodtruck that I visited today) while watching a slightly spooky movie — maybe the 4 hour long version of “Jane Eyre.”  Scary movies aren’t fun at all for me, but just a little creepiness is OK.  Sounds like a good evening to me!  If I feel like it I might start up one of these projects, too!

That’s all for tonight, ya’ll have a great evening!

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while you wait…

I know you’re probably eager for news about the giveaway.  Well, there are lots of entrants, which is great!  But right now, I want to share with you a pattern that I came up with yesterday and today.  It’s for a shawl-like neck warmer.  It’s made in the usual triange/half-circle shawl shape, and if you put it on with the point towards the front and wrap the ends around your neck, you can fasten them underneath the point part under your chin with a button, if you like.  I hope you like it!

in-a-day wraplet

And if you like, I just put it on Ravelry so you can put it in your favorites or in your queue if you like.

Hope you enjoy!

newest project: wrap

Honestly I didn’t really care for the way my recent sweater turned out.  The more I look at it the more I think ‘eh, it’s OK, but do I actually want to wear it?’  It doesn’t really fit quite right and I’d have to adjust it often.  So instead, I decided to make something else to take on my Christmas trip to England this year (and if I like it I might make my mom one, too).  I’m about to start on this (pattern here):

I love it because you can wear it as pictured, or you can wear it as a shawl, and the cute tassels add a little weight to keep it in place.  I decided to make it in a more reddish color though (orange is not my thing), and my yarn just came in today!  I got it from Knitpicks, and it’s the Palette Yarn fingering weight in Rose Hip and Raspberry Heather shades:

I’m really excited about this yarn because it’s the first time I’ve ever bought yarn online without knowing what the brand feels like, and it’s actually really soft for 100% wool! It was also really appealing because of its cheap price, and I’ll definitely be buying from Knitpicks again.  I’m gonna get started on this project tonight, hopefully, while listening to the audiobook of the current Pern novel I’m on, Dragonseye.  (It’s really good, as are all the other ones I’ve read, and I recommend them highly).

On another subject that I really want to share with you, my boyfriend is starting a garden on our back patio.  He’s growing all kinds of peppers and tomatoes and herbs, and his goal is to make salsas and chowchows soon.  In his shopping at the Home Depot for plant necessities, he bought me a plant and pot of my own (he’s so sweet):

Isn’t he cute?  I named him Albert.  He’s a succulent, which I think are gorgeous, and they’re pretty hard to kill which is perfect for me (I kill every plant I touch, even aloe plants).  Hopefully Albert the Succulent will live — I think he’s so sweet!

So that’s all for today, thanks for stopping by!