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a hat and other pretties

With  exactly one skein of my new yarn, I’ve knitted a hat today.  I love it!  The first pic is blurry, my apologies:

That’s the sort of striping I was after.  I’m pleased.  Now what to do with the other skein… hmm…

For a little hooky (and needle-y) inspiration, I give you some new-found patterns and pictures!


There’s not a pattern for these, but I thought they were gorgeous Christmas ornaments and I’m sure they could be easily improvised.

This cute beach cover-up is going to be a must-make for the summer, I think.  Pattern here!

This cute pinwheel cushion pattern is free on Ravelry.

This different blanket pattern is gorgeous, and also free on Ravelry.  The pattern’s in French, but there’s a chart, so it’s understandable.


Such a cute vest pattern, and it’s free here.

I’m not sure about knitting socks yet, but this free pattern might be the first one I try.

So that’s it for the day!  Hope you’ve enjoyed both my hat and the other lovelies.  See you soon!