basic hat

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Making a hat with dc stitches is easy and fast — it can be done while watching a movie!

This is a top down hat, meaning it is worked from the crown to the brim instead of from the brim up.  I personally like this kind best because it takes less guesswork.

I use bulky yarn and a J hook, but you can use a smaller hook and yarn if you like.

How to do it:

Wit bulky yarn and a J hook I work 5 or 6 rounds of the joined-row circle, depending on the size of the head I’m making it for, using dc stitches.  Then just make some more rounds, but leave out the increases — just dc straight across the row!  Do this until your hat is as long as you want!

I personally like to add some extra rows of hdc or sc at the end, as well, or even a row of shells for a frilly edging, but you don’t have to.  You can also sew on a crocheted flower or a button or a cool felt shape.


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