afghan chart patterns

These are all picture charts I made of famous people. I will be making more, but to start out with, here are some Harry Potter charts:

Click here for Harry

Click here for Ron

Click here for Hermione

Click here for Dobby

Click here for Snape

Click here for Bellatrix

Click here for Neville (older pic, not from HP7)


  1. Are there specific directions as to how to make these afghans? They look like they would be absolutely gorgeous, but I’m inexperienced in the afghan trade and was wondering how you break the pattern down.

    • Sure! And thanks for your comment!

      First I’d pick 3-5 colors of chunky yarn, depending on how detailed you want your afghan to be. A good idea would be to print out the chart and denote with colored pencils or markers which blocks you’ll make in which color, since there are so many shades on the chart and it could get confusing if you don’t mark on your chart where you want your different yarns. In these instances the charts are like a guide for you to get the picture down, but you don’t have to use 25 colors to make your afghan. Does that make sense?

      I’d also use a J or K hook to make sure the afghan is large enough, but if it’s not as wide as you want, feel free to add some extra columns of background color on the side of the chart, or even make a border around the whole afghan when you’ve finished to make it bigger.

      Each block on the chart represents one single crochet stitch, so for your foundation chain I’d use the color that you’re going to use for the background color and chain the number of blocks across the bottom of the picture plus 1 for the turning chain (I wouldn’t count the turning chains as blocks in the pattern, so when you turn your work don’t skip the first stitch of the new row like many patterns out there often call for). Does that make sense?

      Then all you need to know is how to change colors in the middle of the row! To make it look neat I would use the method in which you don’t finish the last stitch before changing colors, but instead you pull up the new color as the last loop of the stitch. Also, to make the whole thing easier on you, instead of tying off and weaving in your ends with needles, I’d just carry the unused/old yarn through your single crochet stitches until you need it again or you feel it is secure and can be cut off.

      I really hope this makes sense — if any part of it is confusing please comment back and I will try to explain in a different way. Happy hooking!

  2. HI…im just starting to learn about using graphs with crochet and im wondering how you make your charts and where I could find different pictures…thank you..Beth

  3. your blog is really inspired for other readers,
    love everything about your blog
    keep up the good work

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