Harry Potter scarf: WIP progress

I’ve started knitting a Harry Potter scarf.  This is the version seen in the first movies, not the later ones (I’ll get to that one later), and once complete I’m going to share the pattern with you!

Harry Potter knit scarf

It’s knitted in the round for both aesthetics and warmth (although I’m not using a very warm yarn — we don’t need that sort of insulation very often in the South).

Harry Potter scarf in progress

This scarf pattern (and hopefully also the different version) will be available on Harry’s birthday, so keep checking back!

Thanks for stopping by!

new yarn!

I’ve tried a new Etsy store!  Here are the yarns I purchased:

welthase yarn

Welthase yarn is dyed in Germany and it’s lovely!  I balled it up using my ball winder (well, Chris wound it, I used my knees and arms to act as a swift) and there were no knots in any of the hanks (NO KNOTS!!!).  I got 600m of the lace merinosilk in coral,  800m in lace supersilk in silver, and 262m of BFL sporty DK in shimmering grey.  The yarn is very soft, particularly the supersilk!

I have plans for each of these — a knit project and a crochet project — and I’ll have leftovers of some of them.  I’ll update later on how they are while working on a project.  I can’t wait to get started!

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by!

crochet clamshell blanket: 3 reps done!

It’s looking more and more like a little blanket!  I measured it recently though and it’s like 6″ shorter than the length of foundation sc I measured at the beginning.  Does that ever happen to you?  What’s up with that?

crochet clamshell blanket 3 reps doneThis is so fun!  And there’s still a ton of yarn left — maybe I’ll have enough to make another baby blanket after I’m through with this one!

Well, that’s all for today, I’m keeping it short!  Thanks for stopping by!


crochet clamshell blanket: 2 reps done!

Last time I posted about this blanket, I mentioned how fast it works up.  I miiiiight have just been overexcited about finally starting a crochet project — it seems like it’s taking more time now.  I’ve got two reps of the colors done:

crochet clamshell blanket: 2 color reps done

As you can see I decided to not jumble the colors up throughout the blanket.  I like it so far!  I do kinda wish I had incorporated the purple into the body of the blanket and saved a different color for the border, but that’s OK.

Well that’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by!

crochet clamshell blanket: colors

How do you decide on what order to use your colors?

crochet clamshell blanket colorsI like to try to evenly space dark and light colors, cool and warm colors, and colors in the same family, but that’s not always easy!  Each color in this blanket (except for the purple that’s for the border) has now been used once, and it’s time to decide whether to repeat this color pattern or do like I did in the as-we-go stripey blanket and mix them up while still trying to follow those “rules.”  Decisions, decisions.

This is a very enjoyable pattern; it looks great, is easy to memorize, isn’t too hard on the hands, works up relatively quickly, and is totally unique!

Will update with more soon.  Thanks for stopping by!




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