in threes: a baby cardigan; begin!

A friend is having a baby, due at the end of the month!  I already made the baby girl a blanket but I wanted to make something for her to wear, too, so I decided to try the in threes baby cardigan (it costs money but it is easy and works up quickly).

in threes baby cardigan

I have a lifeline inserted before the arm holes were formed just in case I mess up and have to rip back.  The Dark Horse Yarns’ Fantasy yarn is a ridiculously soft worsted yarn — I wish I had enough to make me a sweater out of it too!  Might have to order some…

The color was hard to capture, it looks more accurate here:

in threes baby cardigan

I’m using the technique for a neater edge along the button band, as you can see there, as well.

I kind of want to make some little crocheted pastel flowers to sew onto the front.  I might do that if I have time but I do want this to be complete by the baby’s arrival!

That’s all for today, thanks for stopping by!  See you soon!


sugarfrost: begin!

I thought I was a good knitter.  Boy howdy do I feel meek now.  Just started the GORGEOUS Sugarfrost pattern (I’m gonna make the scarf version), and it is tricky!

Firstly, my yarn is LACE.  I’ve never made a whole project in lace before and I have a feeling this is going to take a long time.  Thank goodness it’s beautiful soft yarn from Welthase (Lace Merinosilk in Coral):

Welthase yarn

It’s worth mentioning another time that there are NO KNOTS in this thing, it’s amazing, and SUPER soft!  For realsies, check out the Welthase store on Etsy.

Secondly, I got the setup row complete and then got stuck.  Yes, that soon into the pattern, I was stuck.  Had to message the pattern author (who promptly messaged me back, clearing up my confusion) and it turns out my brain was just trying to make things extra complicated for me.  Thanks brain!

Thirdly, I’m learning new stitches.  Actually this is a cool one — I’m learning to make nupps:

Sugarfrost scarf begin


You can kinda see one there toward the bottom of the photo, and there are 2 more that are out of focus.  They’re kinda slow but really satisfying to make!

I’m using my stitch counters from Ruth Plus Two’s Etsy store to keep track of my pattern repeats, but even so I’ll definitely be using lifelines all through this thing.

Well, that’s all for today.  Soon I’ll share an app with you that is making this pattern MUCH easier for me to follow, and I promised some crochet soon — it’s coming, don’t worry!  Thanks for stopping by!

epic fail on my end, sorry guys

A couple months back I promised that today I’d have free Harry Potter house scarf patterns for you all, since today is Harry’s birthday (happy birthday, Harry!), but I haven’t finished the scarves.  I’m still on the first one, in fact:

Harry Potter knit scarf

I do apologize.  I’ll let you know when they’re up but to be honest they’ve kinda fallen on the back burner for the time being… I’ve got a big crochet project coming up, I just started a fancy lace knitted scarf, I’m trying to plan a wedding with my fiance and my mom, I’m trying to do more at work, and I’m doing supervision hours for my official SC counseling licensure, not to mention trying to still fit in a good amount of quality time with Chris.

In the mean time I do still have the crochet versions of both scarves from the HP films available for free here, if you’d like to check those out!

Again, my apologies.  I’ll get them up ASAP and give updates occasionally if it’s going to take a while.  Thanks for stopping by, and happy Harry’s birthday!


gentille #2: blocking!

Already!  Even though this is a fingering weight yarn this pattern seems to fly by!  I love it!  Here it is pre-wetting:

gentille cowl pre-blocking

I decided to block before grafting the edges together so that I can lay the whole thing flat without having multiple layers of fabric.

gentille blocking

The color is hard to get right seeing as how these photos were taken at night in a room with halogen lightbulbs (not to mention the yarn was wet).  It’s not quite this green, but you can see the lace pattern nicely here:


Someday I’ll do this in a solid color, but I love this KnitPicks yarn so much and it really looks neat; the colors pooled nicely like they did in my first Gentille cowl.  Once it’s dry and stitched up I’ll share the finished product!

Thanks for stopping by, that’s all for today!  See you soon!

gentille cowl #2: begin!

I love my first Gentille Cowl so much, I had to make another with another lovely yarn (in fact, the same yarn, just a different colorway)!  The pattern costs but it’s worth it.  I’ll probably make more of these in the future (I’d like to try one in a solid yarn, since it would define the lace better).

Gentille Cowl beginnings

I love these KnitPicks Hawthorne yarns.  Can’t wait to try the DK weight (or is it sport weight?  I can’t remember… well, I’ll be anxious to try it either way)!

Well that’s all for now, thanks for stopping  by!


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