window shopping for crochet patterns

Hey everyone!  Today I wanted to share some pretty patterns with you.  I say “window shopping” in the title of this post because I like these patterns a lot but may not actually make them — I just like looking!  These are all Ravelry patterns (none of which I can take credit for), and they’re all free.  Just click the pic to go to the pattern page!

I know I’ve posted hexagon patterns before, but I believe this one is a different variation.


Using the huge hook required, this would work up fast!


This would take lots of yarn but is so cute!


This would take lots of yarn, too, but looks fun.


I’ve got something similar in hibernation right now — this looks the same but I think would take less yarn due to number of stitches.


This is similar to a granny method, but is in diagonal stripes.


Cutest keychain ever!

So that’s all I’ve got for today.  Unfortunately I haven’t been crocheting since my last post due to my lack of interest in my current project and the surge of interest (and determination and time consumption) for my current knitting project.  Hopefully I’ll be hooking something fun again soon, like one of those patterns above.  Maybe not the blankets, which would require a huge monetary investment for some good yarn, but possibly the shawl thing.  I have the yarn for that, after all.

Well, thanks for stopping by, hope you visit again soon!

2 thoughts on “window shopping for crochet patterns

  1. A. Wright

    That greenway blanket is on my to do list right now :) Don’t you just love granny hexes, gotta find an excuse to make a few in the new year!


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