nothing doing; Christmas is coming

Too early for Christmas-y thoughts?  Not if you make your gifts, but I’m not doing that this year.  My family and friends have been receiving knitted/crocheted items on holidays for years now, and I’m sure they’re sick of hats and scarves.  Plus, it turned into more money and more time than I could really afford to spend.  This year, I plan on being cheap but still thoughtful and kind.  This is how I’m going to do it.

First step: get organized!

This master gift list is already printed out, and I’ve already got my list of names and some present ideas on it.  Click here to download this free form for yourself!  It’s really handy.

Next, peruse Pinterest for cheap, homemade gift ideas that you can do yourself without much fuss.  Here’s what I’ve found so far that would be cheap and I know I can do (click the pic to go to the site):

cocoa customization kit

crock pot sugared pecans

Next I suppose will be getting the stuff and doing it, but that’s not so bad.  I have plenty of time.  Of course, I’ll probably knit/crochet a couple of things that have been requested and I might purchase a couple gifts, but I have a feeling those pecans will be for most everyone (and I’ll make plenty for me, too).

Since I won’t be spending hours upon hours making hats and scarves, I am now free to dream about what would like for Christmas:

KnitPicks harmony wood crochet set

KnitPicks sustruck wood needle set

I’m dreaming big this year.  Those sets aren’t cheap.  If I can I might get the hook set for myself for my birthday, which is next Thursday, but I’m not sure I can swing that since we’re still eating lots of SpaghettiOs and rice dishes.  It would be splurging big-time.

Well, that’s all of my Christmas planning so far.  No progress to report on the granny stripe.  I’m still not satisfied with it so I’m stalling and doing other things.

Thanks for stopping by!

7 thoughts on “nothing doing; Christmas is coming

  1. Kathryn Rubidoux

    My sister sends us those sugared pecans every year, now I know where she got the idea! They taste good though. I just bought one of the Harmony wood hooks to try them out, maybe that might be a compromise for you, buy one in a size you use frequently and see if you really want to splurge on a whole set. That is unless you haven’t already tried them out. I’m being crazy and making gifts this year… blankets and afghans, except for my Dad. He thinks yarn is “creepy” so I might get him a gift certificate to Game Stop instead. My list isn’t that big though. I could write it on a post it note.

    1. CrochetQueen Post author

      Yeah I saw that you had just gotten one of those hooks! I’m a bit intimidated by what you said about it seeming fragile, so perhaps just purchasing one to start with would be a good idea… I wouldn’t want to have a bunch of brittle feeling hooks that I paid a ton of money for. And my boyfriend is probably getting something from Game Stop, too! He’s obsessed with his PS3.

      1. Kathryn Rubidoux

        Well, keep in mind that I am used to metal hooks, so it may just be me. I’ll try it in the next day or so and let you know if it holds up. It may be stronger than it looks… I hope it is stronger than it looks.

  2. Patch

    No, it’s not too early. Every year I mean to start getting organised about now but I never do it. So I am going to print our your list and start now. I know some small boys who might like the Cocoa customisation kit as a stocking filler.

  3. anastasiamw

    I really like the Master Gift List template. I may have to snitch that one for our list. My mom’s been eyeing the KnitPicks harmony wood crochet set as well. If you get them, let us know how they are! I think they’re so pretty, even though I don’t crochet. :)


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