Today, when the mail got here, I was pleasantly surprised to find this magazine:


I was immediately super pumped just by looking at the lovely cover — those beautiful neutrals of the oh-so-touchable yarn, pillows, and blankets!  I opened the magazine eagerly and suddenly realized that I know almost nothing about KnitPicks.  The only thing I’ve tried from them is their Palette yarn, which I used for my mom’s and my own Juliana wrap, and while it was fantastic, I still wonder about their other products.  So, determined to learn more about the yarns of KnitPicks and make an educated guess as to what variety I should purchase from them next, I began to industriously take in all the pages and information.  Soon, this became overwhelming, because there are so many kinds of yarn available from KnitPicks, not to mention colors!  My brain went into overdrive and all I could focus on was how much I liked these muted purple-y and dusty rose-y colors:


Oooooo, pretty!  Then I saw this new kind of yarn, Reverie, the one on the cover, and I immediately wanted it:


It looks so soft and has such a glorious lofty halo!  Then I realized another disappointing fact: I’ve never knit/crocheted with yarn that has a halo, and I am absolutely terrified that if I did, all my hard work would be instantly destroyed the first time my item needed to be washed.

So this is my plea to you, dear reader: please share your KnitPicks experiences!  What yarns have you used, and which did you like or dislike?  Which felt soft, which felt horrible, which held up after washing, which kept their shape, which pilled, etc.?  Have you ever used  yarn with a halo before?  Is the price you pay on KnitPicks good considering what you get, or would you go somewhere else for a better price on the same quality?  If you have any experience with KnitPicks yarns, please comment so that I can get a better idea of what their products are like!  I’m so hesitant to buy yarn that I’ve never felt without having at least a good recommendation or two; do you know what I mean?  Thanks in advance, and thanks for stopping by!

8 thoughts on “KnitPicks

  1. Kathryn Rubidoux

    I’m knitting with Knitpicks Aloft right now and it is really nice, I haven’t tried to wash it yet so I can’t help you there. I’ve also tried their sock yarn and it’s very soft and has held up well so far. The Swish DK is very different from other DK yarns I have tried, it seems to have more stretch to it than what I like. I think their prices are fair from what I have seen.

    1. CrochetQueen Post author

      Thanks so much for your response! I haven’t even seen the Aloft variety — I looked it up and it looks fantastic! What are you making with it? And I’m glad you told me about the Swish DK — that’s good to know.

      1. Kathryn Rubidoux

        I had planned to make a shawl, but my cat got into the yarn so I chose to make a garter stitch wrap with the survivors. I can vouch for the colours, they are just as vibrant in person. The Swish isn’t a bad yarn, but I wouldn’t make a skirt out of it. The hem would start out by your knees and by the end of the day the skirt will be dragging 20 feet behind you. Just kidding, but it is stretchy.

  2. woolandchocolate

    For a few years KP yarns were all I could afford so I have lots of FOs out of it. I also have kids wearing my FOs so I can really speak to hardiness and comfort. :) So here is a brief rundown off the top of my head by weight.

    Bulky – Wool of the Andes Bulky is wonderful. Soft enough, but not luxurious, comes in lovely colors, and wow! so hard wearing. For kids outerwear it is perfect, and I would make something for me in it if I Looked good in bulky! :) It does have a nice bounce to it.

    Worsted – Wool of the Andes ws once my go to for longies and soakers. It is cheap, comes in lots of colors and is relatively soft. However, it does pill and felt after lots of use. I ended up switching to Cascade 220 for my worsted weight wool needs because it is softer.
    Swish is a fine yarn and washes well.
    Dishie is much like your average cotton yarn, like Peaces n cream, only slightly softer and with a nice shine.
    The organic cotton, can’t remember the name, is nice. I made a baby sleep sack out if it that was very nice.

    DK – City Tweed is an awesome yarn, one of my all time favorites. It is the right amount of fuzzy, oh, so soft, and the colors are lovely. I made a sweater for my husband two years ago and it is still going strong. I love this yarn!

    Sport- shine sport makes great toys.

    Sock- I just made a pair of socks out of Stroll. It was fine and the socks are nice enough. However I won’t be doing that again. There are too many better sock yarns out there. Perhaps it would be good for other fingering weight projects, but there was something missing that was needed for great socks. Elasticity? Maybe.
    Palette is a fine yarn. I believe that it is just the skinny WOTA?

    Lace – I have used Shadow, Gloss, and Shimmer. All very nice.

    I think that Knit Picks yarns are good quality yarns for a low price. When I want no frills yarn, they are my first pick. If I am going to pay more it is because I want better variegated or painted yarns. I have been on an indie dyed yarn kick lately. :)

    That us definitely the longest comment that I have ever written! :)


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