another award!

Thanks to Veldagia from Loopy Pink Contemplation for the new award:

I’m honored!  Now on to the usual blog rules…

7 random things about me:

  1. I just got an iPhone 4S and I love it so much!
  2. Knitting and crocheting are not the only crafty things I like to do.
  3. At my job, I scan papers all day, every day.  Very boring.
  4. I’m getting my MEd in Clinical Counseling and will be done after this coming spring.
  5. I have a slight problem with spending too much money online.
  6. I’m recently obsessed with all things shabby chic.
  7. I love audiobooks.

Now to pass the award on.  I don’t see any rules for this so I’m going to be sneaky and let my nominees just find their awards here:

  1. The Sweaty Knitter
  2. Morganhausen
  3. Crochetlatte
  4. DaniellaJoe’s Blog
  5. Cabbagesandcrochet
  6. Crochetime
  7. D’Nali

So that’s it!  Thanks again to Veldagia!

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