frogged hat

I almost made the entire hat that I posted last time.  I was so ready to look like this:

Then I noticed (way too late) that the hat in this particular picture is the knitted version, and the picture of the crochet version was much less chic and much more chunky and not cute.  No wonder I couldn’t get the edge to curl up and look like this!  So I took the whole thing apart and re-balled my yarn, much to my chagrin (and my boyfriend wasn’t too happy, as he was hired as temporary yarn winder).  Upon looking on Ravelry for the knitted version, I discovered that the only pattern available costs money.  There goes that idea.  Oh well.

At least I’ve been doing something else…

Here’s the beginning of my boyfriend’s giant cushion cover.  I’m using the alternative granny pattern and I’m using all 3 blues and all 3 red/oranges to make a really thick, cushy, manly looking square.    It’s beginning to twist a little, but I’m hoping that if I block it, and once I sew it to the second square and put the cushion in, it will straighten out and look fine.  I don’t really like what I’ve done so far, but I don’t want to undo it because it’s actually pretty large already, and my boyfriend says it looks great.  I guess that’s all that matters, since it’s for him!

Well, that’s all for now.  I also made a post recently on not your average knitting, so as you can guess I’ve been very busy and my poor hands are really tired.  I think I’m headed to bed.  My first class of the summer semester is tomorrow evening, so I need to get some good sleep.  Thanks for stopping by!

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