slow going during finals week

First off, thanks to everyone who responded to my last post about color palettes!  I was glad to hear from you all!

Secondly, I must tell you that I have not been very focused on crafting this past week, because it’s finals time!  While I don’t have any actual finals, my graduate classes have piled on the projects and papers, so I’ve been busy.

Even so, I’ve got some bits of progress to share with you.  Firstly, my blanket (pattern here) is coming along.  Like I said in a previous post, it is kind of tough on the hands, so I’ve been spacing it out.

It was hard to get a good shot of the whole thing laid out so I just folded it and hoped you could still see how it’s progressed.


And secondly, I’ve been working on this scarf for what seems like ages already.  It’s knitted, as you can see.

So that’s all I’ve got for now!  Hopefully I’ll see you soon with lots more progress!  I have a couple of weeks off of school before I start summer school, so I’ll hopefully have some time to craft to my hearts content.

8 thoughts on “slow going during finals week

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