color inspiration

Have you ever visited  They have so many color palettes that it might seem impossible to look through them all.  But I did (it took hours), and I came up with a few favorite palettes for colorful crochet projects!  From potholders to cushions to afghans to wall hangings, I feel like these color combos are perfect for anything yarny, and I want to know which ones you like best!  Here we go!







So what do you think, do you have a favorite?  The challenge for me will eventually be finding a company that has all the colors for one of these palettes in their yarn selection.

17 thoughts on “color inspiration

  1. Bev

    Oh I love this site that you have found! How wonderful! Will save it in my faves and definitely pay it a visit very soon – some amazing combinations there.

    B x

    1. CrochetQueen Post author

      Thanks! I’m glad you like them! It is an amazingly useful site — I’ve found color combos for all sorts of things, even my hypothetical future wedding! Hehe.

  2. adaliza

    Got to visit this site, but looking at your shortlist, my favourites are Autumn Chirp and Colour Field. My current Ripple One just fits into both – love the mustard, pinks and blues with a dash of red. I can’t wait to finish Ripple – I did 3 rows tonight – aqua, mustard and scarlet!

  3. Patch

    Succulent and colour field for me. I like these kind of sites but I always want to send them my own picture for them to pick out the shades. Do they do that too??


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