crochet & complaints

Not much progress on the blanket, just some pretty Pinterest pics & patterns (crochet, of course) to share with you, and then a complaining session about knitting.

Look at this different way to join granny squares!  I never thought of this.

This gorgeous cardigan might be in the works soon for myself, I just love it so much!

This pillow pal pattern is so cute, and they have other animals available, too!  I have a Pillow Pet myself, and I love it!

Also for kids, this cute mobile!  I’ll have to remember this years into the future when I finally get around to having kids.

And now for my knitting complaint (but crocheters can relate, too).  I like knitting, and I like the idea of wooden/bamboo needles to help prevent slippage that may occur on metal needles.  This is the kind of needles I’ve been getting at the local yarn store:

I like almost every aspect about these.  They are smooth, the join to the cord is virtually seamless, the cords are nice and bendy, and they are warm in the hands.  Much like bamboo crochet hooks, in fact.

My problem with the needles is that when I use them for stitches that are naturally tight, like k2tog or something like that, they can splinter.  On more than one circular set I’ve peeled off little strips of bamboo at the tip.  Not good.  Am I just making my stitches too tight, or does this happen to crocheters, too, who hook tightly?  Is it just this brand?  I don’t know.  Should I try another wood brand, or should I just switch to metal and be done with it (while having to deal with slippery, cold needles)?

17 thoughts on “crochet & complaints

  1. grenouille78

    I can vouch that that baby mobile is even cuter in real life. I’ve made it twice for other people and my kids wish I would make one for them! I saw that pillow pet in a magazine and I’ve been thinking about doing it.

  2. Crochet

    Yes, that granny square blanket is an original, I love it!!!
    About the knitting, I like metal needles, the truth is I have never used the wooden type….

  3. Gretchen Kalhust

    I have multiple sets of bamboo needles (and hooks) and have never had a problem with splintering. I wonder if it’s a problem with your tension being too tight like you’ve suggested. I’ve heard of other knitters and crocheters breaking needles though (both bamboo and plastic) so it isn’t just you.

  4. craftsbythesea

    Re: needles splitting- I find with ordinary wooden needles they are a bit blunt for k2tog and other lace type work so you have to force the needle through the stitches which could be a reason for the splitting. My favourite are knitpro needles which are laminated birch, georgeous colours and best of all have quite sharp points.

    1. CrochetQueen Post author

      Thanks for the response! Yes that has been my problem. I’ll try the knitpro needles, thanks for the suggestion! I’ve always thought they were beautifully made but I hadn’t ever known anyone who uses them! :)


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