Sorry for posting twice in one day, I’m just excited to share with you: my new project is going to be a blanket, despite what I said earlier!  I know I’ve made a lot of blankets — in fact we have 3 in our living room right now — but I really like the big projects that take time because the sense of accomplishment is so great, and I can always give it as a gift to someone really special if the need ever arises.  Now I know I said I’d never use Berroco Vintage Chunky again for a blanket due to expense, but there’s just nothing like it, and I plan on making a smaller throw anyway so it won’t take  nearly as much yarn as my large previous blankets.  Here are my colors:

I have 2 skeins each of grey, light blue, light pink, red, yellow, pink, denim, and a bluish-teal color.  I was trying to go kinda Cath Kidston-y, and although this may make a darker blanket than I originally planned, I’m excited about the color combo anyway.  I think it’ll look great!

Here’s the pattern I’m going to use:

That picture is from Sarah London’s pattern page, but there’s also a similar (if not the same) pattern on the Lion Brand website, with an added ruffly border to add if desired.

I’m going to work on it right now — wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “update!

  1. Crochet

    Hello, I know the feeling it can get very addictive!!! I am working on several projects, it keeps me motivated and not bored lol…I will be following your progress…P.S your webpage is so crisp and beautiful and the pics are really nice how you do that????? can you share???plz…

    1. CrochetQueen Post author

      Thank you so much! The pictures that I take are edited in Photoshop because the lighting in my apartment is terrible. I try to get the photos brighter and get the colors as true to the real thing as possible.


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