this past week

Sorry it’s been over a week since I’ve posted!  I have no excuse — it’s not like I’ve been doing anything.  Well, I’ve actually been knitting my first sock ever (from the toe up) and just finished the toe, which I’m super proud of, but I’m not going to share pics with ya’ll until I’m finished because I don’t want to inundate my crochet site with knitting posts!  (And yes I just said “ya’ll” — it’s a product of me living in the deep south for 8 years.)

So….. crochet.  I’m trying to think of a new project that won’t take up tons of yarn, because I don’t have tons of money to dish out for it.  Much as I would like to start a blanket, I feel like that’s just not gonna happen unless I win the lottery, and I just can’t face making anything with Red Heart, despite its cheapness.  So I’m searching the web, other blogs and Pinterest  being my main sources of inspiration, for something new.  Here are some new cool things that I found on Pinterest just today:

This free bag pattern from Lion Brand looks trendy, since the whole diamonds/chevron thing is in right now.

And I really want to do some yarnbombing, but I feel like I need an accomplice or two (or five) to get it done fast, and I don’t have any crochet buddies in town!  I love this flower garden on the fence.

That’s all for today.  I’ll try to get more stuff soon, though.

And if you’re interested in reading books, I highly recommend The Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey.  That book is the first three of the Pern novels written by Anne, and although there are lots more, those are the ones to start with.  This is my second favorite series ever, next only to Harry Potter, which I love so much I got a tattoo on my arm.  Anyway, here’s the book, linked to Amazon:

I highly recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy (with a little hint of sci-fi).  Let me know what you think if you ever read it!

2 thoughts on “this past week

  1. Crochet

    Red Heart is nice….I like the quality, of course I just started to crochet again and to find my way around the different qualities of threads, any suggestions for me?? I love thread instead of yarn, thx, Patricia

    1. CrochetQueen Post author

      I’ve never actually used Red Heart thread before… I didn’t know they made it. Honestly I don’t use thread often at all. I have one ball but I’ve had it so long without the label that I’ve forgotten what it is, other than it’s made of bamboo. Sorry I’m not more help!


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