lovelies to look at

I’m in a funk as to what to crochet/knit next.  Every time I start something I pull it out again in frustration.  My yarn supply has dwindled and I don’t want to waste what I’ve got left on something unworthy!  It’s a serious impediment.

In the meantime, I have some lovely crocheting and knitting pictures to share with you!  Some are from, and if you’re not a member I highly recommend it because there are thousands of great patterns for free and lots of great inspiration!  Any link below to a pattern is free.


The tutorial for these cute mini hexagons is here on Bunny Mummy’s blog.

The pattern for this cute hat from Vallieskids is easy and can be adjusted for any head size.

Le monde de Sucrette’s cushion pattern is easy and can be found here, but there is only a chart, not a written out pattern.

This cute dog sweater is a Ravelry pattern.

The website with this headband tutorial is in another language and is untranslatable by my web browser, but luckily the pattern for it is in English here!


This basic hat pattern is on Ravelry.

Another Ravelry hat pattern.

Doesn’t Ravelry have cute hat patterns?  Here’s this one.

And last but not least, this Ravelry hat pattern is so adorable.

So there you are!  I hope these tide you over until I actually start a project and provide you with some yarny inspiration!  This coming week is my spring break so hopefully I’ll get to make lots of things then.  See you then!

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